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Meet Mary Louise Starkey, the Woman Behind "Butler Bootcamp"

Mary StarkeyMary Louise Starkey is the kind of no-nonsense person who answers the question “Hi, how are you?” with: “I’m a very busy woman.” Her direct manner comes across as intimidating at first, a little like the kind of stern headmistress you see in old boarding school movies, which makes sense because she’s the powerhouse behind Starkey International Institute of Household Management – aka “Butler Bootcamp.” When you’re preparing sixty students a year to manage the households, whims, and lifestyles of the world’s billionaires, there’s not a lot of time for silly chitchat...

Read the rest of the article at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dinagachman/2012/08/10/meet-mary-louise-starkey-the-woman-behind-butler-bootcamp/

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Entertaining Standards

Standards identified: Is there a separate catering kitchen? Is the family high profile? Are high profile guests attending the household functions? What is the household entertaining protocol? Do they set a formal table? What is their entertaining style and frequency? How many persons does their dining room table seat? Who and when do they hire a caterer or chef, and does this person develop the menus and recognize family and guest favorites and allergies? Is there a current inventory for the wine cellar? What are the family favorites for holidays? Which holidays are observed with a family dinner? Is table service plated or Russian? Who typically runs the table? Who develops the Ballet of Service™ for each kind of event? Is there a silver, china and linens inventory? Are members of the staff trained to provide table service?