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Meet Mary Louise Starkey, the Woman Behind "Butler Bootcamp"

Mary StarkeyMary Louise Starkey is the kind of no-nonsense person who answers the question “Hi, how are you?” with: “I’m a very busy woman.” Her direct manner comes across as intimidating at first, a little like the kind of stern headmistress you see in old boarding school movies, which makes sense because she’s the powerhouse behind Starkey International Institute of Household Management – aka “Butler Bootcamp.” When you’re preparing sixty students a year to manage the households, whims, and lifestyles of the world’s billionaires, there’s not a lot of time for silly chitchat...

Read the rest of the article at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dinagachman/2012/08/10/meet-mary-louise-starkey-the-woman-behind-butler-bootcamp/

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Culinary Standards

Standards identified: What is the family’s flavor profile? How often is produce purchased fresh? Is it organic, are calories counted? Is wine served at the evening meal? Is sparkling water served at lunch and/or breakfast? How is the kitchen physically maintained? Are there “environmental doors” to hold food odors? Are lunches delivered to the office? What are the meat and fish preferences? Do they like fresh breads and desserts? Do they prefer plated service or family-style meals? Is there a Chef on staff to cook, develop menus, recognize Family Favorites and comfort foods, stock refrigerators in each zone, do grocery shopping, clean refrigerators, and maintain an inventory of the pantry?